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We Match You with New-Real Time Buyers Who Need Down Payment Assistance or Buyers Who Are Looking For A Great Deal

We partner with agents across the Nation by helping them acquire new clients and we keep your pipeline full of prospects.

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Manuel. San Fernando, CA.


I am looking to purchase a 2 bed 1 bath condominium in downtown San Marco within the next six months. I am moving next month and would like to start viewing homes …

New Lead – Prospected Buyer

Budget Estimate:  $450k – $600K

Mary Lopez. Oxnard, CA.


I am looking to list my home for sale in downtown Santa Barbara. We are relocating to southern California within the next few months and need to sell our home fast …

Aged Lead – Prospected Seller

Estimated Home Value:  $750k – $800K


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We locate home buyers and connect you with them so you can showcase your talents and start conversations with motivated leads.

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Lead qualifying technology provides you with more data from your prospects so you know more before you get on the phone.

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We put you in the driver’s seat, no more wasting your time with expensive leads sources or trying to do it yourself. You’ll get a consistent flow of leads guaranteed.

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By giving you a consistent flow of leads you will get a consistent flow of closings as you connect and help local buyers. 

Never Overpay

Stop paying for expensive leads and high commission splits. We’ll ensure it’s always a win-win for you and us.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Broker Lead Club?

We are a company whose focus is to partner up with great real estate agents to increase their closings by matching them with motivated buyers and sellers in their local communities, thus making them the local real estate leaders.

Our team is comprised of highly talented real estate professionals who continue to sell and invest in real estate and who happen to be top-level marketers in their local communities.

How does Broker Lead Club work?

Get started in minutes and with a few clicks by simply providing us your basic details and your preferred market area. Once you activate your account you’ll start receiving leads within 24-48 hours.

How many leads should I expect?

Lead volume will vary by area but we do have a minimum lead guarantee.  Click the Let’s Get Started button to see what our current program is offering.

What does it cost?

We offer the lowest cost lead solutions in the real estate industry. Click the Get Started Button to see our current pricing.

Do you qualify the leads?

We have automated lead qualifying technology that asks the leads many qualifying questions and many of the leads will provide that information so you will get some that say they are pre-approved and ready to buy.     

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